3 Pt. Hitch with 12 Volt Spreader

3 Pt. Hitch with 12 Volt Spreader

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The FIMCO 3 Pt. hitch spreader features a tough, corrosion - resistant 5.0 cu.ft. / 200 lb. capacity poly hopper with a stainless-steel radial six blade spreading fan. Adjustable slide gate allows you to control the amount of material you’re spreading and can be opened or closed with a simple turn of the on/off handle. The FIMCO spreader uses a variable-speed 12-volt motor (with on/off switch) that lets you change the spread width from 5 ft. to 45 ft. (depending on material being spread).

  • Poly Hopper
  • 5.0 cu.ft. / 200 lb. capacity
  • CAT I, 3 Pt hitch
  • Stainless steel radial six blade spreader fan
  • 12-volt motor
  • Variable speed controller
  • Wiring harness to power supply
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